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Unity and Strength for Workers


 You Can Make a Difference at work and in your community by forming your own Steelworkers Union!


 If your goal is to:

  • Protect/Improve Wages & Benefits;

  • Build Job Security; &

  • Have a meaningful say at work

That’s what building a Union is about!

Being a Union Member Means You Have…

  • A real say in your workplace.

  • A strong collective voice that allows you and your coworkers to deal with management as equals and put an end to “one way” decision-making.

  • Job promotions, transfers, layoffs, recalls that occur without favouritism.

  • A way for your concerns and problems to be taken seriously and resolved.

  • Support and Representation when dealing with WSIB, health and safety and other workplace issues.

  • Access to union services, resources and training needed to protect and improve your rights at work.

  • The right to speak up without fear of being disciplined or penalized.

Seeking Solutions


The USW prides itself on working with others to find solutions to problems at work, in our communities, and around the globe. Sometimes the union has to fight for what’s right but, more often than not, we work with management to find better ways to get the job done because we know the benefits of teamwork. USW workplaces are more productive, safer, and happier places to work because of these problem-solving relationships.  This is the USW difference.

Who Is The Union?

YOU! Elect your own Local Union Officers and Leadership

YOU! Run your own local union affairs, assisted by a professional USW Staff representative.

YOU! Elect your own bargaining committee.

YOU! Decide what you want in your Union contract and direct your bargaining committee.

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