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How about those Union Dues?

Consider union dues are like job insurance - all dues collected are used to provide services for our members when they need them.  And because the union is not -for-profit organization, union dues are tax deductible.  Also, as a union member with the USW you have a democratic voice, and vote, in how dues dollars are spent.

Where Do My Union Dues Go?

  • To negotiate your conditions of work in a legally binding contract

  • To force the company to abide to the agreed to conditions


To give you:

  • Wage Protection

  • Respect and Dignity at work

  • Job Security

To protect you:

  • Against employer favoritism

  • Unfair treatment from employer for unjust discipline or termination

To provide:

  • A healthy and safe workplace

  • Negotiation of benefits

  • Educational training opportunities

To represent you:

  • In grievances and arbitrations

  • With EI and WSIB when needed


How are they calculated?


Union Dues are calculated as 1.55% + $0.02/ hr.  

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